Wasatch Mountain Cedar Grilling Planks 4 Pack Seasoned (Margarita Dill, Garlic Lemon Pepper)

Wasatch Mountain Cedar Grilling Planks 4 Pack Seasoned (Margarita Dill, Garlic Lemon Pepper)

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Wasatch Mountain Cedar Grilling Planks for Salmon; Bundle 4 Pack Seasoned w/ 100% Natural Herbs, Spices & Oils; Gourmet Ports Combine Steam & Wood Smoke Flavor (Margarita Dill, Garlic Lemon Pepper)


Set Your Cedar Plank Barbecuing on Auto-Pilot!

These remarkable, seasoned, grilling planks combine the uniqueness of steam cooking with the natural smoking flavor of wood and spices for an unmatched taste that will cause your family and guests to ask: “When Can We Come Back for More?”

Take the guesswork out of creating scrumptious meals by leaving it to Wasatch Mountain Planks to generously season with 100% All-Natural Herbs, Spices, Oils, - Balance to perfection, infuse, and seal into Western Red Cedar planks. So quick and easy, the ¼” planks only need 30 minutes to soak! That leaves you plenty of time to tend to the countless other details of your culinary feast.

Wasatch Mountain Planks are the only Cedar Grilling Planks on the market that feature strategically designed openings in the boards to keep your servings fresh and moist while cooking. These gourmet ports allow mouthwatering barbeque/smoke flavors to penetrate your cuisine up through the bottoms of the planks while grilling. Yum!

To help protect your valuable hands, these Aromatic Western Red Cedar planks are first planed, and then sanded to craft a smooth finish that both maximizes the seasoning infusion and minimizes the risk of splinters while handling. Ample size plank dimensions are 12" Long X 5.5" Wide x 1/4" Thick.


Everything Tastes Better On A Plank!

Experiment with Salmon, Poultry, Veggies, Fish, Beef, Seafood, Chicken, Pork, and Wild Game. Four-pack bundle includes two Garlic Lemon Pepper, and two Margarita Dill planks, ready for distinctive BBQ Grilling, Smoking, Oven Broiling, or Baking— click "Add to Cart" to buy now.

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