Original Climax Corn Butter Toffee Sweet N Salty Gourmet Flavored Popped Corn Caramel 38 oz

Original Climax Corn Butter Toffee Sweet N Salty Gourmet Flavored Popped Corn Caramel 38 oz

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Resealable Flat Bottom Handle Bag

Come ‘n git it!

One taste of these delectable morsels and you’ll “Ride for the Brand” Nutty Montanan! A sweet and buttery toffee crunch generously covers premium golden popped popcorn, pretzels, and nuts to tantalize your taste buds with a Sweet N Salty Nutty finish, rivaling the most ultimate gourmet delight.

We all want natural, tasty, wholesome snacks, and that’s why we put together this Nutty Montanan handcrafted bag of deliciousness that has No Preservatives, No Trans Fat, and is Non-GMO. Made fresh with 100% high-quality, natural ingredients in the heart of the Montana Rocky Mountains - by vigilant Montanans.


Nutty Montanan Popcorn treats are wrapped in a specially designed package which sits flat on your pantry shelf, countertop, lap, or other surface to support all your movie watching, backyard munching, traveling, play times, and frenzied feedings. You’ll love being able to grab your snack by the handle and maintain its freshness with the re-closeable seal after you’ve munched your fill.

Made in Montana, in the good ‘ole USA

These first-rate snacks are created by refined Montanans with pride in their products, which means you’re getting high-quality, consistent, tasty, and enjoyable treats which are painstakingly fashioned to provide you with the Ultimate. Snacking. Experience. Every. Time.

Product Details:

  • Non-GMO, No Preservatives, No Trans Fat, No Artificial Flavors
  • One taste and you will be convinced we use the highest quality ingredients
  • Meticulous attention to tested processes for consistent results
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 38 oz bag holds plenty for a whole family of snackers


Get this unique, flat bottom, handle bag chock full of Montana Made goodness! Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to indulge yourself with this handcrafted, scrumptious treat!

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