GLY MIRACLE Skin Humectant Body Skin Cream 16-ounce Jar Deep, Nourishing UNSCENTED

GLY MIRACLE Skin Humectant Body Skin Cream 16-ounce Jar Deep, Nourishing UNSCENTED

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Moisturizing for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry Skin on Face, Hands, Cuticles, Feet, Heels, for Men, Women, Kids, Baby Cream

* REHYDRATE, SOFTEN & PROTECT YOUR SKIN- Refresh and nourish your skin for a younger look by using this moisturizing lotion. Your skin will get noticeably fresh and smooth within days of its use. Apply the lotion regularly during day and before going to bed at night for instant best results. Its consistent use will give a healthy look coupled with an internal feeling of satisfaction that no other product can match.

*REMEDY FOR ITCHY, ROUGH DAMAGED SKIN- Say goodbye to the dry itchy skin and regain your smooth skin back to the natural perfection it used to have by using this lotion for dry skin. This is a must have for people that are tired of their itchy skin and dream of having normal skin. Damaged skin requires extra care, right ingredients will not only repair but also provide protection

*CREAM FOR ECZEMA & PSORIASIS- Highly effective in providing relief for Psoriasis and Eczema. Use GLY MIRACLE as Eczema anti itch cream as well as Psoriasis medicated ointment. It has the essential ingredients for providing long lasting relief to men, women, babies and children of all ages going through tough times in managing their skin irritations. Apply gently on face, hands and feet to see a step by step quick improvement in your skin.

*HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS- This enriched formula ointment constitutes Glycerin, Vitamin E, Natural Elixir of Aloe Plant, Humectant and their combined effects will heal and rekindle the skin. It is oil free, non-sticky and non-greasy, so it can be applied at all times making it ideal for working women and men. Its cleansing action ingredients deliver fantastic results by restoring damaged skin barriers of resistance and recover lost water content from your skin.

*PERFECT PRODUCT FOR OUTDOOR WORKERS- Prevent chapping, chaffing and windburn by using this moisturizing lotion. This definitely needs to be part of your routine to counter, develop and build natural resistance to harsh environments. Excessive external exposure causes skin to brittle as it grows hard and thicker. A complete recovery is not just an imagination but a reality and you can be among thousands of satisfied clients globally. Daily use will amaze you with its deep moisturizing effects.